Alison Dunhill


Landscape Paintings


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A landscape isn't static: trees move, clouds re-form, light changes, patterns shift. It is this living quality that Alison Dunhill brings to her startlingly original landscape paintings.

Working mainly in oils and oil pastels, Alison Dunhill shows a natural affinity with the land, its colours and textures which she interprets vividly in these paintings. Her dramatic use of colour and perspective brings a unique quality to her work, revelling in the textural and tonal qualities of her subject matter.

unhill's bold use of colour and texture generate a powerful visual impact that aims to stimulate and encourage the viewer's imagination. She uses colour not representationally, but to convey the emotional impact of the scene.

olour and tone are highly contrasted in her work, bringing a vibrancy and vitality to her interpretation of landscape. She uses perspective to create a sense of space and depth, evidently delighting in the use of a repeated object such as a hay bale or a tumbleweed to delineate the space. Her fluidity of expression captures the dynamic movement within the landscape.

These are not pictorial representations, but something more immediate: her interpretation of the land and its perspective goes beyond a single instance of time or place. Straw bales rush towards you; branches sway and create patterns of light. There's life and movement in them.


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